Getting Started

Who can become a foster or adoptive Resource Parent?

  • 18 years or Older
  • Male or Female
  • Single or Couple
  • Retired or Working
  • Homeowner or Renter
  • "Sufficient" Income (Must be able to demonstrate your ability to meet your financial needs.)
  • Must reside in San Diego County, with the exception of relatives and non-related extended family members under a specific criteria


How do I become a foster or adoptive Resource Parent?

Becoming a foster/adoptive Resource Parent is a simple procedure, but takes time and determination to complete. All requirements for becoming a Resource Parent are intended to provide safety and security for both child and foster and adoptive resource parent. The steps are:

1. Attend a Resource Family Approval (RFA) Orientation meeting through an FFA listed below

2. Complete and Submit RFA Application forms

3. Complete Background Assessment and Home Environment Assessment

4. Complete 12- Hours of Trauma Informed Pre-Service (TIPS)

5. Complete First Aid and CPR certification

6. Complete Comprehensive Permanency Assessment

7. Receive Approval and Written Report

Upon completion of the Resource Family Approval Process, you will be eligible for child placement.  However, completing the Resource Family Approval process does not guarantee immediate child placement.



Become a foster or adoptive Resource Parent for a child with special medical needs!

A youth with special medical needs may have one of the following conditions:

  • A condition requiring on-going administration of medication or monitoring
  • A need for durable medical equipment such as a wheel chair
  • A condition that requires dependence upon support equipment.
  • A condition that is life threatening
  • An acute, chronic infectious disease
  • A condition that is a terminal illness
  • On-going illness or chronic condition requiring prolonged hospitalization
  • A condition requiring intensive rehabilitation and/or developmental disability services
  • A condition that results in an inability to carryout activities of daily living due to a medical condition

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